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diabetic blood testing meter and supplies
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Chances are your doctor, dietitian and diabetes educator are unknowingly working for The Insulin Cartel. No it isn’t a grand conspiracy to fuel your obesity, drive your kidneys to failure, destroy your heart or amputate your feet at some point. It’s the simple revelation that their circle of influence does not reach beyond peers whose… view full article

vinnie tortorich fitness confidential
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Just like my Grandmother, who had a really nice Radio Shack under-pillow speaker she slept with, I too fall asleep listening to podcast. These are usually just “get rich while you sleep” (pun intended) podcasts but every once in a while I have to change it up. Not too long ago I found The Model Health… view full article

before after image of keto diet results
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Does the Keto diet really work? Works for me. Here are my keto diet results for 60 days. The weight-loss is amazing. I still have 20 or so pounds to lose but I have never been able to lose weight this fast and not be starving all the time. It’s true that an estimated 7… view full article

car speedometer header for max net carbs for ketosis
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The maximum net carbohydrates you can consume to stay in ketosis changes for everyone. It all depends on a few variables we can discuss here. Everyone is different. To cut to the chase a few rules to remember for the staying below the max net carbs for ketosis are: Stay under 20 grams net carbs… view full article

stop over complicating keto header image
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Tristan Haggard from Primal Edge Health said it best in his popular YouTube video “Stop Over-Complicating Keto”.  Love him and his shirtless tirades or not (he sure has grown on me and now I don’t wear a shirt anymore, either) the man get’s to the point. When we started out with Keto in our household… view full article

cooked bacon
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(PTF) – Doctors from the Cleveland Clinic are changing their views on fat intake and cardiovascular disease. Chair of Cardiovascular Medicine at Cleveland Clinic, Steven Nissen, MD, states as far as eating butter goes, “It’s not a sin,”. A new report commissioned by the federal government ((( Scientific Report of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee))) changes… view full article

corn on the cob
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Eating corn on a keto diet depends on how strict you carbohydrate intake needs are and how many carbs you have already consumed in a day. Corn is high in carbohydrates coming in at about 21 grams per cup with 4.5 grams from sugar and 2.4 from fiber. Not exactly a keto vegetable for sure… view full article

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