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60 Days on the Keto Diet Results

before after image of keto diet results
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Does the Keto diet really work? Works for me. Here are my keto diet results for 60 days.

The weight-loss is amazing. I still have 20 or so pounds to lose but I have never been able to lose weight this fast and not be starving all the time.

tried every diet and still can't lose weight

It’s true that an estimated 7 to 10 pounds of these results are from losing the water attached to the carbohydrates in my body.


This water loss, however, is another of the reasons I am a fan of this diet. Some hater’s like to point out that in the beginning that big jump is just water loss. So what? It gives the dieter some instant gratification and encouragement.

The next 20 pounds are definitely not water weight loss. They are fat loss.

This wasn’t all roses, though. Changing over from running on glucose to running on fat was a bit tough the first few weeks. Every person is different but we did encounter the keto flu symptoms such as brain fog and weakness.

It should also be noted that we didn’t sit around watching TV either. When we started the diet we also quite all booze and started walking 1 mile twice a day. After a month we started to intermittently jog about a quarter of those miles.

We restricted our calorie intake and in the beginning closely monitored calories. Now we just eat clean and the calories don’t seem to make much of a difference.

My goal has always been to get this fat off and get down to around 12% body fat or so before starting to add a surplus of calories and lifting heavier weights.

We go to gym almost daily and train a group of muscles. We have gone to the gym for about a month now. As of now, we aren’t lifting heavy due to the calorie deficit but just getting used to the exercises and performing them correctly and with mind/muscle focus.

As far as food goes we started off fairly heavy on the meat and fat. Now we consume mostly broccoli and spinach with either a plant protein or beef or chicken.

I went for heavy fat meats in the beginning but decided I wanted to have more control over my macros. So I stick with leaner meats and pea protein powder so I can adjust my fat with olive and coconut oil. MCT oil has been a blessing for some quick brain power.

We have a lime juice sports drink everyday by squeezing one lime and adding water, Himalayan salt and No-Salt (potassium chloride) and some liquid stevia to sweeten it up.

We have had zero added or table sugar for 60 days. Zero wheat or grain for 60 days.

We restrict our fruits to blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and the occasional strawberry or two.

Our keto diet results are impressive to me. River, my wife, is down 18 pounds (she didn’t have as much to lose though!)

If you are interested in trying this diet yourself you can check out our How to Start Keto article for some quick tips.

Hopefully in the next 60 days I can see those abs still hiding under my belly fat.

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