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Can I Eat Corn on a Keto Diet? Hold your Horses…

corn on the cob
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Eating corn on a keto diet depends on how strict your carbohydrate intake needs are and how many carbs you have already consumed in a day.

Corn is high in carbohydrates coming in at about 21 grams per cup with 4.5 grams from sugar and 2.4 from fiber.

tried every diet and still can't lose weight

Not exactly a keto vegetable for sure.


If you were to eat corn on a keto diet, you would most likely be eating more of a Low Carbohydrate High Fat (LCHF) diet instead of trying to stay in ketosis for the most part.

Corn is for the most part not involved in any keto diets.

If you were going to eat corn it would be highly beneficial to avoid canned corn (or any other canned food for that matter) due to the levels of BPA in the liner. (((Consumer Alert: Toxic Hormone-Disrupting Chemical BPA is Leaching from Food Can Liners)))

The BPA wreaks havoc on the hormones in your body (((Bisphenol A: Wikipedia))) mimicking estrogen.

If you were to eat corn on a keto diet you would want to stick with non-gmo, organic fresh corn on the cob and consume perhaps 1/4 cup at the most.

Frozen corn, if purchased non-genetically modified would be your next choice.

There is a decent insulin spike when eating corn so it would be advisable to follow the meal with organic raw apple cider vinegar to help with insulin levels. (((6 Proven Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar)))

If I were through the first stages of becoming keto-adapted, I might eat corn on a keto diet. If, however, it was just getting started with keto I would avoid corn entirely.

Corn on a Ketogenic Diet

It goes without saying that corn chips fried in vegetable or canola oil would be out of the question due to the harmful oils. (((Stop Using Canola Oil Immediately! 6 Canola Oil Dangers)))

Perhaps a delicious whole-corn almond-flour muffin might be worth a splurge now and then.

If your carb macros were more like less than 100 grams per day, I’m sure you could squeeze one in.

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