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Fitness Confidential: Your New Health and Wellness Podcast!

vinnie tortorich fitness confidential
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Just like my Grandmother, who had a really nice Radio Shack under-pillow speaker she slept with, I too fall asleep listening to podcast.

These are usually just “get rich while you sleep” (pun intended) podcasts but every once in a while I have to change it up.

tried every diet and still can't lose weight

Not too long ago I found The Model Health Show with Shawn Stevenson and I do enjoy it. Sometimes it runs a little slow for me though and gets a bit esoteric. But I do really enjoy Stevenson (he rocks…) it’s just sometimes the topics aren’t for me.

Now enter Vinnie Tortorich and his freakin’ in-your-face Fitness Confidential podcast. Where the heck have I been this guy is on like Episode 876 at the time of this article.

I can listen to this show all day long. Why? Because there is no BS. The show is packed with guests that I am interested in and news that relates to true health and not bought and paid for big media current health-trend garbage.

Plus Vinnie tells it how it is without any politically correct nonsense.

In his latest episode Why Italians Are Thin – Episode 876 , Vinnie talks about a recent trip to Italy where he found most residents within healthy body weight and why.

Vinnie is like having your no-holds barred high-school gym coach as your personal trainer. You might get your feelings hurt at times but you walk away a better man or woman.

And better informed with the truth about health and nutrition. Cutting-edge ideas and old truisms that we like to immerse ourselves into here at Pay the Farmer.

I luckily stumbled on to Vinnie and Fitness Confidential via Twitter. You can find him there (@VinnieTortorich) offering sound advice and humor.

Tortorich also has a book out that is on my Amazon wishlist. You can find it here: Fitness Confidential – Adventures in the Weight-Loss Game (Vinnie Tortorich with Dean Lorey)

Thanks Vinnie. I have 872 more episodes on Overcast just waiting…

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