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Why Am I Struggling to Lose Weight?


Regardless if you are a man or a woman I want you to read this book.  If for years you have struggled to lose weight, this book contains the information that will finally allow you to be successful at your weight-loss mission.

It doesn’t matter what your doctor has told you about your hormones. It doesn’t matter what your TSH results are. There are countless obese men and woman all over the world who will be healed by the information contained in this book.

The author, Isabella Wentz, PharmD Fascp, is a pharmacist who is currently researching 1000’s of patients and seeing amazing transformations by those that are using her 90 day method of getting your hormone levels back where they belong.

The problem with the common TSH test for thyroid issues is that it doesn’t start telling your doctor you have thyroid and adrenal issues until the body starts to accelerate its attack on your organs.

This can take 10 years or so before the TSH goes out of range.

There are antibody tests that will show you and your doctor that the autoimmune issues are indeed attacking your hormone-producing organs even before the TSH levels begin to get out of range.

More and more physicians are starting to test for thyroid antibodies.

There are countless health websites out on the internet. There is an amazing amount of great information regarding your health. This book, however, explains why you are struggling to lose weight. Why you are always out of energy even when blood test come back normal.

The reason we are so excited about this book is that every single facet of the information contained within is right on point. Wentz has nailed it and made it very clear the steps you need to take to manage the autoimmune disease your body has no choice but to continue.

If you are tired all of time, obese, tried every diet under the sun and still struggle to lose weight you are about to experience freedom from that enslavement.

You will be amazed as you read through symptom by symptom and can relate to all or almost all of them. Then you will be amazed at what caused them and how you are not genetically disposed to live this way ever again.

I purchased this book for my Mother, recently. She is just now finishing reading it and is going to start working through the steps in the book soon.

If you have asked yourself, “Why am I struggling to lose weight?”, I implore you to just check the book out. You don’t have to purchase it of course but I know that if you do you will want to spread the news as I do.

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